Is Your Dog an Aspiring Fashionista?

Is Your Dog an Aspiring Fashionista?

Does your dog follow the catwalk?

We love to dress up, and it's fun to dress up our dogs as well! But we always have to make sure they are comfortable and happy too!

Most dogs are only used to wearing collars, so if your dog is anti-sweater and jacket, our bandanas and bowties are a great way to snazz up their outfit! Our bowties connect to the collar with velcro, and bandanas can be styled around your dog's neck. 

We carry The Worthy Dog's Bowties, Bandanas, and flowers! They come in many different designs, from stripes and plaids to gators and sailboats.

Functional clothing is also a must! For those cold and snowy months, we've got PawZ Booties and Kurgo Jackets, all currently 20% off.

Dog coats are also a must for cold and wet weather! It'll keep dogs dry and warm and allow them to walk and play outside in the winter. Our Kurgo Jackets are water-resistant and warm! 

Let's keep our dogs comfortable and cute!

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