Petwell Supply's Guide to Water Safety

Petwell Supply's Guide to Water Safety

Who doesn't love to see their dog enjoy the same things we do- like swimming! It's one of the best parts of summer, bringing your dog down to swim, paddle board, or even to go boating!

Having fun in the water comes hand in hand with water safety. When going out with your dog either kayaking, boating, or any other kind of water sport in open water, grab a doggy lifejacket! 

The Ruffwear Floatcoat is perfect for all of your water sport needs. It comes equipped with a large handle along the back for easy dog extraction from the water. This is perfect, if not for just peace of mind, but to make it super easy to get your dog out of any hairy situations. The Floatcoat comes in multiple sizes so dogs of all sizes can enjoy the water safely.

The Floatcoat comes in a nice bright yellow, so you (and others) will be able to spot your dog from far away. In general, keeping an eye out for your dog while in a watery environment is important. Not all dogs are super strong swimmers, so make sure to look out for areas with large waves or currents. 

Additionally, make sure to check water conditions ahead of time, some algae blooms can be extremely harmful to humans and dogs alike. It's always helpful to give your dog a quick rinse after swimming anywhere. Dog's with floppy ears can get infections if bacteria gets trapped so make sure those are clean and dried. 

With any activity there comes safety rules, but as long as you keep your dog's health in mind you both can have oodles of fun!


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