The Best Water Toys for Summer Fun

The Best Water Toys for Summer Fun

It's no lie that some dogs love the water. And what makes the water even better? Water toys!

We carry a handful of water toys to make your dog even more excited about their visits to water.

Check out the Ruffwear Hydroplane Float toy. This doubles as a frisbee, so it can be used on land as well as the water! But where most frisbees or other throw toys would sink in the water, the Ruffwear Hydroplane will float! It's bright colors means you'll never loose it. The Hyrdroplane is hollow in the middle, making it easy for you or your pup to scoop it out of the water. This toy is perfect for watery fun!

Or try out the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick Chuck Float Fetch Dog Toy. This toy combines your dogs love of water and sticks! This toy mimics a stick in shape, but where your dog may chew through a stick, the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick Chuck Float Fetch Dog Toy will resist those heavy chewers for tons of fun! The Gnawt-a-Stick also floats on water and comes in very bright red, yellow, or blue.

 Check out all the rest of our Ruffwear toys here!

We also carry two types of Chuckit Balls, one bright orange and the a darker blue. They're both water proof and buoyant so they'd also be great for bringing along on water adventures. Grab a Chuckit Sport Ball Launcher to pick the ball easily out of the water. 

Come on by to check out all of our water toys today!

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