Why are cats crazy about catnip?

Why are cats crazy about catnip?

Just from smelling catnip plant, your cat can go from couch potato to zoomy gremlin in mere seconds.  No one really knows why cats have this odd, yet amusing reaction to catnip.  But we do know that it is actually beneficial for their health, as it gets them to be active. 

Did you know, the reaction your cat has depends on their genetics?  About 30% of cats lack the gene that causes the funny reaction to catnip.  Also, kittens and senior cats don’t have a reaction to catnip either. 

Even big cats like lions and tigers react to catnip!  The same behaviors like eating the leaves and rolling around in it are universal with all cats, large and small.

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Next time your cat interacts with catnip, remember this funny behavior is both normal and amusing for both of you.

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