Why do dogs chew things?

Why do dogs chew things?

We all know dogs love chewing things, but why?

First of all, dogs love chewing on bones and toys because it's fun! It cures their boredom and gives them a way to get their energy out. It's also how dogs keep their teeth and mouth clean!

Chewing is a great way to relieve the pain of puppy teeth growing in. Just like teething children, puppies can find some relief for their incoming teeth with ice. Ice cubes work, but Multipet also makes a product we carry called Chilly Bones! These chilly bones can be frozen, making a great reusable toy for teething puppies. 

Chewing is also a way some dogs manage stress. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety may chew on all sorts of things, even things they shouldn't. We have a whole collection of treats and toys that are great for heavy chewers. Giving your dogs toys or sturdy bones to chew is a great way for them to have some relief and break bad habits. It's also great to avoid putting your dog near any stressors.

While dogs love chewing and it be positive for their stress levels and for dental health, it's not as great when they chew things they aren't supposed to. If dogs chew things like furniture or personal belongings it hurts both parties! Dogs might hurt themselves by chewing something that's not safe for them and your belongings can get damaged.

For puppies or dogs in a new home, it's a good idea to dog-proof your home. Keep anything they could chew out of reach until they know what's safe for them to chew. We carry NaturVet's Bitter Yuck! Anti Chew Spray, great for stopping dogs from chewing household items!

We love to keep our furry friends happy, so let's help them do what they enjoy safely…while also preserving our shoes and other household items not intended for chewing!

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