Why Your Dog Needs Puzzle Toys

Why Your Dog Needs Puzzle Toys
What is a puzzle toy?
Puzzle toys allow you to hide treats or food in compartments that your dog must find by moving blocks, pushing levers and buttons, pulling out drawers, etc. Interactive puzzle toys provide extra stimulation to dogs when they must spend a lot of time at home, when the weather is bad, or just when they need a little extra challenge with their toys. They provide dogs with challenges that benefit their overall mental and physical health, which includes their problem-solving skills, focus, sense of smell, and muscle and joint strength.

Puzzle toys can also help with other health-related and behavioral challenges. If you have a dog who eats too quickly, a puzzle toy will encourage them to work harder for their food, slowing down eating time. Puzzle toys can also be great where it is necessary to keep your dog busy and avert their attention to prevent destructive behavior due to anxiety or general behavioral issues. Puzzle toys are even great for owners when building bonds with new dogs and helping your dog stay focused for training.

Check out our blog post on how to make your own DIY puzzle toy with items from your home! Not a DIY person? We carry all levels of puzzle toys both in store and online. 

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  • Vanessa Rances