What Are the Culprits of Your Pet's Skin Issues?

What Are the Culprits of Your Pet's Skin Issues?

Your pet’s skin can become sensitive and irritated for various reasons. Here is a list of some common culprits that irritate your pet’s skin and coat as well as some everyday tips and products that will help you protect your pet from them.

Fleas & Ticks
Fleas and ticks are one of the most common culprits of your pet’s skin issues. While fleas and ticks live all-year round, they are especially prevalent during warmer months. Make it a habit of conducting proper flea and tick checks on your pet, but also keep an eye out for any signs that your pet exhibits, including continuous scratching and biting particular areas. There are a number of oral and topical flea and tick medications for extra preventative measures, but your pet may also be sensitive to these if they have naturally sensitive skin. If so, there are also plenty of at-home remedies which are made from essential oils and other all-natural ingredients that you can use to combat and prevent fleas and ticks. 

Pollen, Grass, and Weeds
Some pets are extra sensitive to these common allergens and may get itchy or irritated skin when in contact with them. If you suspect that your pet is sensitive to these common allergens, keep an eye out for excessive scratching, redness, bumps, and even hot spots on their skin. Try to limit your time spent in grassy areas and areas with a lot of flowers if possible. And if you have a lawn that your pet frequents, maintain weeds as often as possible and keep it short!

If you often take out your pet for activities like swimming and hiking, or if you just love keeping them extra clean, you may feel the need to wash them frequently; however, overbathing your pet can certainly lead to skin and coat issues, which include itching, a dry or oily coat, and dandruff. If they do get dirty, you can always simply rinse them with water in-between baths or use cleansing wipes or dry shampoo. And don’t forget that brushing and combing daily or a few times a week (depending on how much they shed) is an essential part of keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy! But if you just can’t stand the dirtiness, there are plenty of grooming products that contain all-natural ingredients, which are great for the maintenance of a healthy skin and coats.

A commonly over-looked cause of our pets’ skin and coat issues is their diet. Just like humans, our pets can be allergic to numerous types of foods, especially the meats and grains that are commonly found in pet foods. Keep an eye out for itching, bumps, and very dry or oily and smelly coats, as this is a sign that your pet may be sensitive to some of the ingredients in their current diet. Grain-free diets are always a great place to start when it comes to deciding which diet is best for your pet, but if this is not possible or if it doesn’t seem to be helping, there are many other ingredients to look out for, including certain vegetables, meats, and preservatives and fillers. Before changing your pet’s diet, though, you should consult your vet to learn more about the alternatives and how to properly introduce them to new foods.

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  • Vanessa Rances