Company Description: Petwell Supply is the thought leader for holistic pet health and a one-stop shop for high-quality, holistic pet health needs. While we carry quality pet supplies like: food, treats, and bones, our specialty is helping customers identify holistic remedies to help support their pet’s best health. Petwell Supply’s owner began her career in the pet industry in 2013 with the launch of Fedwell Pet Foods, the first baked dog food on the market without synthetic ingredients. After lots of customer feedback, it became clear that all customers had pets who were experiencing health issues like allergies or kidney disease and in search of products to help. In 2018, Fedwell Pet Foods was paused, and work began to open Petwell Supply, a storefront in Somerville, Massachusetts. Petwell Supply has become a local favorite by offering quality products and fun experiences, like a monthly photo booth and events like speed dating for dog lovers. Petwell Supply intends to expand by franchising its unique store concept in major cities across the country while increasing brand awareness and growing online sales using creative marketing strategies driven by data analytics.

Job Description: We are looking for someone who is: curious, creative, results-oriented, and relentless in the pursuit of growth. The Petwell Supply Growth hacker will be working remotely to support the exponential growth of our online store while building and maintaining relationships with our local community and customers nationwide. This team member will be responsible for creating systems for: measuring, reporting and optimizing growth metrics, and using growth hacking techniques to improve engagement and increase revenue. Continuous testing, optimizing and automating our online process will be critical to achieve scale. This team member will use important qualitative and quantitative data to drive bottom line growth by bringing challenging ideas and marketing campaigns that drive the brand, product, and business objectives.


Maintain and optimize: website hosted on Shopify, and email marketing flows in Klaviyo, using analytical tools and A/B testing to improve results

Work collaboratively to set KPIs for team focus, and suggest traditional and creative ideas on how to grow those KPIs

Recommend, test and optimize marketing strategies for customer acquisition (e.g. online advertising, direct mail, affiliate) and conversion rate optimization

Collaborate with the team to identify areas for growth, including marketing efforts related to blogging, email marketing, and social media

Keep abreast of latest trends and changes in UI/UX and digital marketing; Propose new initiatives and tools to attract and convert leads

Analyze data and user feedback, and A/B test ideas to improve user experience and increase sales

Drive traffic to website and other pertinent channels to support growth while scaling and automating the growth processes

Required Skills & Qualifications:

Applicants should have a bachelor's degree in data analytics, computer science, software engineering, or related field work as a successful growth hacker. Applicants should also possess a strong background in online and email marketing, as well as website management. Previous demonstrated success working as a Marketing Growth Hacker for a minimum of 2 years is required. The applicant must possess excellent technical abilities and familiarity with: excel, coding skills, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, UI/UX best practices, and ability to learn Shopify and Klaviyo, among others. Applicants must possess outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills with high standards of excellence and attention to detail. This applicant should have strong communication skills in order to interface with customers and collaborate in a cross-functional team environment. They should also have effective project management abilities in order to successfully oversee multiple business initiatives, such as email marketing campaigns. Applicants will have sufficient graphic editing skills to be able to modify graphics to create test variations, and a willingness to learn what they don’t already know!


Interested applicants can send a resume and cover letter to